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Lab Results

To access your ‘Lab Results’ you must first login to your Qure4u account, then click on ‘Record’ and then on the tab ‘Lab Results’

Here you can add and remove lab results of tests that you have taken in the past. The table contains all relevant tests you have taken.

Adding Lab types:

To add results to the table you must first click the field labeled ‘Add lab type to list’.

A window like the one in the image below will appear in which you can search and select the blood result types you want to show. Add and remove types by clicking the square in front of each type. Then press ‘Save’.

Entering data:

Click the option “Add data” to enter your data. Select a date, and enter your values next to the corresponding lab types. Once you have entered your data click ‘Save’

To edit your data click the pencil icon at the top of the column you wish to edit.

Viewing the data as a Graph:

Click on one of the graph icons next to the rows to see the data in a graph. Use the arrows at either side of the dates to view other dates or change the date of the results.

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