Your personal Care Plan

A Care Plan tailored to your health

It will give you a complete overview
of all the important things you need
to know to stay healthy

Your Personal Care Plan

Qure4u Care Plan is a personal health plan that is created to fit an individual based on their age, sex and health status.

With your Personal Care Plan you will get an overview of when to check in with your health provider, as well as the aspects of your health that you can monitor at home. This includes measuring your blood pressure as well as taking your medication.

Your Care Plan notifies you of the at-home tasks that you need to do in order to remain healthy, as well as the tasks that needs to be performed at the doctor's office.

Your Care Plan can be shared with multiple medical providers and thus can avoid double-diagnosis. Furthermore, updates are easy to make on the platform, which allows for all of your providers to have an up to date overview of your health. It also allows for your doctor to see what you are doing at home to improve your health.

Includes a lifestyle Health test

A large aspect of your health is your lifestyle. But how exactly do you know if you are living healthy?

The Care Plan includes a lifestyle Health test, where the results allow for you to see how healthy you have been living during the past week.

The test is quick and the results come with a recommendation on how to improve the aspects of your health which are not optimized as well as a praise on those which the requirements are met.

The results of your health test are also important for your providers, because it allows them to see which aspects of your lifestyle can be improved by improving your lifestyle habits.

It is recommended to take the test once a month, so that you will have an up to date set of data on how your health is progressing.