Engage your patients

Set goals, display guidelines, track progress...

Qure4u's Self-Care app makes it fun and interesting for patients to participate in managing their health.

65% of your patients will use Qure4u

Qure4u's Self-Care app gives patients the tools they need to be more involved in managing their health. In fact, more than 65% of patients that have access to Qure4u’s app use it on a regular basis!

The app captures, organizes and graphically displays all of a patient’s health data in one accessible place. This has proven to significantly contribute to the patient’s understanding of their health, initiating a sense of ownership and accountability, which ultimately leads to improvements in self-management.

Engage patients and capture data

Individualized Care Plans, that are tailored to each patient's age, gender and diagnoses, are shared with the patients and other providers. Working on the same platform leads to optimized patient care, patient satisfaction and faster treatment.

The Care Plan includes items like doctor appointments, medication and goals, as well as the tasks that the patients need to do at home, such as monitoring blood pressure, taking medication and going to the gym.

A motivational Lifestyle Score monitors the patients' lifestyles and help them make healthy choices. Patients' results can then be reviewed by their care coordinator and worked with to improve. The Health Score enables step-by-step milestones to be set and measured, celebrating incremental wins that sustain patient engagement and motivation.

All data is captured as structured data and you will be able to monitor adherence, lifestyle and home-monitored vitals.

Increase adherence

A common reason to why patients are not following their care plan or taking medication, is that they simply don't know when to do it and understand why they have to do it.

With Qure4u the patients have a full overview of their Care Plan and can see their vitals and goals and read the Care Plan notes. This gives them a better understanding and motivates them to follow the Care Plan. They also get notifications whenever they have a task to do, such as measuring blood pressure, taking medication or filling out a form. This helps them to remember their tasks and supports them to self-manage.

Qure4u gives patients a better understanding of what they need to do at home, creates healthy habits and increases adherence.

Educate, motivate and document

Qure4u is integrated to more than 80 different home-monitoring devices and apps which automatically uploads data to the user-friendly health graphs whenever a new measurement has been recorded. The graphs show the patients their trends and gives them a better understanding of what they need to work on in order to improve.

On the graphs individual goals can be set for the patients. Visualizing goals on graphs increases the patients motivation to do lifestyle changes and makes it easier for you to help them reach goals one step at a time.

All the data can be monitored remotely so that you can identify patients at risk and work closer with the patients that need more help while the patients that are doing fine self-manage. If there is data that is clinically important it can be imported in to your EMR system and saved in the patient's chart.

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