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The Task list helps you keep track and remind you of health related tasks such as checking your weight, exercising, measuring your blood pressure etc.

If you do not yet have any tasks on your Qure4u profile, click the ‘Add’ icon demonstrated below.

To change, delete, or add tasks to your list click ‘Edit Task List’ in your Care Plan. Press the trash icon to the right of a task to delete it. Pres the clock icon to the right of a task to edit the days and time. Press the pencil icon to the right of a task to edit it. Once you have finished editing it, click the check mark. Press ‘Set Day(s)’ or ‘Set Time’ to select when you are supposed to do this task.

Check the boxes next to the days you wish to do it. Then click ‘Add time’ and select a time slot in the dropdown menu. Click ‘Save’ when you are done.

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